Facebook offline video testing to be start in India from July 11

Facebook offline video testing to be start from July 11

Facebook is going to start offline video testing from 11th July’ 2016. The social media giant Facebook will start testing to download videos even if you are offline. Fb has informed all its media partners that testing will be started from 11th July. the user can download videos from mobile app only, but not from web or local mobile device due to protect its copyright content.

In starting this feature will be launched in some countries. Fb gives importance to video as it attracts more visitors on the page. This Go offline option will be launched in India later.

Following the footstep of Youtube, Fb to start checking the offline videos from 11th July’ 2016. As we all know that this feature was launched by Youtube first which is more convenient to the user so now Facebook is going to do same.

Facebook offline video testing to be start from July 11

As per source from Facebook:

New Test Rollout In India – Fb

In markets like India, mobile data and connectivity are limited, which can leave people with poor video experiences or no streaming ability at all. We want to make the video experience on Facebook great for people in all parts of the world.

Starting July 11, 2016, we’ll be rolling out the option for a small group of people to download videos to their Facebook app while they’re online with good internet connections, so they can then watch the video at any time, offline or online. This will ensure a great user experience and allow your video content to reach new audiences.

We take content security very seriously, so downloaded content will be stored in the Facebook application alone and will not be available to share or view in other applications.

Videos from all Pages and profiles will be available to download, unless the page or profile opts out.

Source: Fb


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