HummingBad – 10 million Android Smartphones infected by virus HummingBad

HummingBad - 10 million Android smartphones infected by virus HummingBad

HummingBad continues to infect many terminals worldwide. At present, it has infected more than 10 million Android smartphones. As per the CheckPoint blog page, HummingBad is a malware Check Point discovered in February 2016 that establishes a persistent rootkit on Android devices, generates fraudulent ad revenue, and installs additional fraudulent apps.

The virus, which infects other smartphones via infected applications, extensively shared on the Internet, does not in itself represents a real danger for users since it only broadcast advertising content on the smartphone screen. However, if the pirates had to change tactics, they could easily use it to take control of infected devices.

HummingBad  Malware/Virus

Infection mainly affects devices from several years ago, running Android JellyBean and KitKat. latest smartphone owners, Android or Marshmallow Lollipop are relatively spared since over 92% of infections are among smartphone more than two years.

India and China are the two countries most affected. Several European countries are still heavily affected. This would apply in particular to Russia, Romania and Ukraine.

It has not yet made available to the public the tools to easily detect an infection. To avoid contamination, the IT security specialist encourages smartphone owners to avoid installing apps from unofficial shops and do not click links massively distributed via SMS and email, and from unknown senders.

Source – CheckPoint

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