Amazon allowed to test its delivery drones in the US

amazon drone

Amazon on Thursday received permission to test the US drone flights that could eventually allow it to deliver products to customers, announced the US authorities. In its statement, the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) said it had given an “experimental” license to Amazon to allow him to move on “research and development” and “training of its teams.”

End of 2013, the US group was first mooted its draft deliver packages “in half an hour” through drones and asked in mid-2014 to the FAA authorization to conduct test flights.

The approval was granted subject to conditions, says the FAA. The drones operated by Amazon can only fly during the day and a maximum of 112 meters and will remain “in the field of vision” of their pilot, to be licensed.

Amazon will also provide monthly data to the FAA on the number of flights and their duration and report any anomalies encountered during a flight, ensure the federal agency.

Mid-January, the CNN news channel had received similar license to test drone flights to cover the news.

The authorization granted to Amazon could mark a new stage of development of commercial drones in the US whose first usage rules were unveiled by the FAA in mid-February.

This set of recommendations is to regulate some 7,500 civilian drones that the FAA is expected to surge in the American skies over the next five years.

Initially especially military use, private use of these small unmanned aircraft is booming but raises reservations in terms of safety and potential breaches of privacy.


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