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Typhoon Lionrock strikes Nothern Japan: Atleast 9 Dead, 3 Missing

by Pankaj Sharma


Typhoon Lionrock: Nothern Japan was struck by the Typhoon Lionrock with abundant rainfall and the flooded areas, nursing home killed nine people. Japanese broadcaster NHK informed the Japanese police that in the town of Iwaizumi in Iwate prefecture nine dead bodies were found at nursing home on Wednesday. He added that the dead bodies were found while investigating the flooded areas. Its footage showed the nursing home partially buried in mud, surrounded by debris apparently washed down from the mountains. A car by the home was turned upside down. He told that people living in the nursing home were dementia patients.

Typhoon Lionrock Pummels Northern Japan

According to the reports of authorities of Minami-furano town, a number of people are struck in houses and shelters due to flood. The Fire and Disaster Management Agency said in northern prefectures Aomori, Akita and Miyagi at least three people were injured since Tuesday. A total of 170,000 people including 38,000 in Ofunato were subject to evacuation. In northern region more than 10,000 homes were without electricity, with power lines damaged from the winds.

Typhoon Lionrock strikes Nothern Japan: Atleast 9 Dead

Typhoon swallowed about two rivers, breaking their banks entered Northern Japan. Informing Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Tourism NKH said that typhoon struck northern island of Hokkaido before dawn on Wednesday, hitting an area still recovering from the 2011 tsunami.

The typhoon made landfall in the northern region, 500 kilometers northeast of Tokyo in the city Ofunato, since 1951, when the Japan Meteorological Agency started keeping records. The March 2011 earthquake and tsunami left more than 18,000 people dead in the wide swaths of Japan’s northern coast, including 340 in Ofunato.

Typhoon Lionrock strikes Nothern Japan: Atleast 9 Dead, 3 Missing is written by Pankaj Sharma
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